C&M47: False Foundation of Fear


False Foundation of FearFalse Foundation of Fear Show Notes and Links.

In False Foundation of Fear, Carl and Mike explore the mentality of extremists and others holding absolutist views. Plus a conversation on Obama’s plan to raise overtime pay for salaried workers. And a proposal to create a CEO to worker pay ratio. Finally, dreaming of brain chips turns into a small debate about technologies role in the fate of mankind. Oh, and Richard Nixon belongs in the What a Dick Hall of Fame.

[1:13:]  Holding Absolute Views: In the fallout from the legalization of gay marriage, Carl and Mike try to make sense of people who hold absolute views, businesses who refuse to serve and the flipping of discrimination.

[10:05]: Last Gasp of the Confederacy: Carl and Mike talk about the recent Church burnings, the fate of the Confederate flag and dealing with extremists.

[12:15]: Extremism Online: Mike shares the story of how a lonely girl in the Pacific Northwest got recruited into ISIS.

[14:21]: Growing Up in a Racist Family: Mike shares a story about someone who grew up in a racist family.

[16:19]: False Foundation of Fear: Carl and Mike further explore the mentality of those who build their lives on fear with an attitude of “someone’s trying to take something away from me”.

[19:38]: Obama, Overtime and Income Inequality: Carl and Mike talk about Obama’s recent move to pay overtime for people who are supposedly “salaried”. Carl calls out companies making extreme profits on the back of poorly paid employees and advocates a ratio from highest paid to lowest.

[26:33]: Body Parts, Brain Chips and the Role of Technology

Carl and Mike discuss the replacement of body parts slowly turning us into part man, part machine. Carl wonders about brain chips and brain apps to help you gain skills like speaking Spanish, better memory. Carl and Mike debate the role of technology in saving us from the mess we’ve made here on Earth.

[31:05]: What a Dick Award: Mike nominates and oldie but goodie – Dick Nixon. Carl argues he’s belongs in the What a Dick Hall of Fame.



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Ratio of Average CEO vs. Worker Pay by Country:


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The Ongoing Quest for the Brain Chip


Future of Brain Chip is Limitless After Man Controls Robot Arm with His Thoughts:



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