C&M17: Free Speech


Free SpeechFree Speech Ep 17 Show Notes and Links.

[00:32]: Underwear Gifts and Elephant Walks: We give a shout out to Duluth Trading Company for the gifts of t-shirts and underwear. Carl reveals his last pair of underwear he received as a gift. Plus Elephant Walks and Elephant workouts and Mike visits the Pleasure Chest in LA.

[8:03] Absolutes of Free Speech: We debate the limits of free speech. Mike brings up the Pope’s reaction to Charlie Hebdo, the media as a megaphone and plays devil’s advocate. Plus, free speech and how it’s handled with Hate Speech and the protection of lies. Carl argues against the Free Speech–but crowd. Plus, what to do when one’s person’s hate is another’s belief?

 [31:22] Building Walls: We talk about Saudi Arabia building their wall on the border with Iraq and are walls in general really effective?

[35:36]: Going to Court: We discuss the effectiveness of going to court in business cases as Mike shares his experience of getting ripped off by the legal system.

[40:47]: Religion Fundamentalism: We discuss religion and religious fundamentalism. Is it a virus? Simply all about power? And how does religion like Mormonism and Scientology exists? Why do people surrender their independent thinking to religious belief?

[48:10]: Certainty, Comfort and Beliefs: We discuss the nature and power of beliefs. Plus are you authentic if you live by someone else’s beliefs? Where do beliefs come from? How do we change our beliefs?

[59:12]: Beliefs vs. Facts: A discussion on facts – what makes a fact, versus what’s a belief.

[1:03:32]: Imposing Our Beliefs in the Middle East: We discuss imposing our beliefs on others from a country perspective. Should we stop ISIS? And Carl tries to wrap it all up with a positive spin.

[1:09:00]: Free Speech Wrap Up: We discuss our personal experience with Free Speech around our Call to Cartoon.



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