C&M55: Freeballing with Trump


Freeballing with TrumpFreeballing with Trump Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike let loose on the latest presidential politics. Mike falls into the Trump vortex while Hillary loses our support. Conversations on how Trump appeals to our balls. How a possible Trump vs. Sanders general election could come about. And dreaming about two brokered political conventions. Plus updates on Prosperity Jesus, an epilogue to our Falling in Love series and this week’s What a Dick award. Leave your air of invincibility at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!


[ 01:00:] Falling In Love Epilogue: Mike and his wife Anita do the 36 questions we answered in Falling in Love Pts. 1-3. Plus fun with gummy edibles.

[05:01:] Carl and Mike For President Update: Carl and Mike struggle to get traction in the Presidential race due the craziness of the candidates already in the race.

[07:40:] Prosperity Jesus Update and Freeballing for Your Mind

John Oliver steals a page from Carl and Mike in exposing the corruptness behind televangelists and the Prosperity Gospel Movement. Plus Carl and Mike get excited about the possibilities for the Church of Q.

[12:53:] Freeballing With Trump: Carl and Mike find themselves falling into the Trump vortex. Plus Trump as a disinfectant and political disrupter that bypasses our brains and speaks to our balls. Mike drops his support for Hillary over the emails. Gore as leftover meatloaf.

[24:50:] Trump vs. Sanders: Carl and Mike discuss how a Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump campaign could come about including dreaming of two wide-open conventions.

[33:02:] Is America Really Socialist?: Carl argues that America is more socialist then they realize because the majority support the stands taken by Bernie Sanders.

[36:45:] Wrap Up and What a Dick Award: Rev. Tilton: Carl and Mike nominate Rev. Tilton and all sleazy evangelists for this week What a Dick award. Plus, a look at Carl and Mike’s path to the White House.



Falling in Love: http://carlandmike.net/falling-in-love-pt-1/


John Oliver Exposes Shady Televangelists Fleecing Americans for Millions:



IRS Getting Pressured to Crack Down on Televangelists Following John

Oliver’s Segment: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2015/08/20/irs-televangelists-john-oliver/


Prosperity Jesus: http://carlandmike.net/cm33-prosperity-jesus-rise-decline-of-religion/


Mark Cuban: There’s One Word that Sums Up Donald Trump:



Trump is Catnip for TV News and He’s Dominating:



Trump vs Sanders Latest Poll Numbers: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_sanders-5565.html


Sanders vs Trump Would Be Fun:



Republican Debate Schedule



The Original Farting Preacher aka Pastor Gas — Pastor Tilton



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