C&M96: Gold Linings


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In Gold Linings, Carl and Mike vainly search for the gold linings now that Trump is President-Elect. Are they delusional? Is searching for Trump’s gold linings just another stage of grief? Plus, personality politics. Trump’s promises and stepping into the ultimate reality show. Leave your rose colored glasses at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:30]: Post Election: It’s a Trumpian World

Carl and Mike check in with their post-election thoughts.  Who and what kind of President will Trump be? Hear them swing from hopeful possibilities to nightmare scenarios.

[07:19]: Ninety-three Trump Promises

A discussion on some of the 93 promises Trump made on the stump.

[09:12]: The Gold Lining – the Seventh Stage of Grief.

Carl and Mike wonder if their hope for the future under President Trump is just a new stage of grief. Dissecting our state of denial and f&*k the electoral college.

[13:09]: Personality Politics

Mike argues Trump changes the political landscape forever. The power of personality politics and how the Democrats could manipulate Trump.

[19:33]: Trump Checklist: The Low Hanging Fruit

All Trump needs to do to succeed is to do some symbolic things from his checklist.

[21:01]: The Ultimate Reality Show

Global meltdown or a Reaganesque Trump? Do we live or die? The ultimate reality show under Trump is on the air.

[23:42] Believing the Narrative

Reactions from late night comics to Trump win and buying into the media narrative. What is it about us that tend to believe the bullshit of the media narrative? And contemplating a retreat from the news from here on out.

[26:49]: WRAP UP:  Bridging the Divide?



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