C&MBlab1: Hillary on Top, Feelin’ the Bern!

Hillary on Top Feelin’ the Bern Show Notes.

This is a replay of Carl and Mike’s first live broadcast on Blab.

What is Blab you ask? It’s a new podcasting and conferencing platform that allows for up to four people to video cast. Plus the opportunity for interaction with audience members through a sidebar chat.

For our first live blab — Hillary of Top Feelin’ the Bern — we did a post “blab analysis” of the first Democratic Debate. As you can tell by the title, we

Our first Blab didn’t go as smooth as we would like as Michael came down with a case of electronic sore throat.  Mr Robot couldn’t  get his sound to go normal though we did have fun with his electronic voice. We also spent a lot of time getting used to our new Blab digs. And of course we each shared our analysis of the debate — both of us felt Hillary on Top was an appropriate description for how the debate went. We also answered some questions from a Canadian names LedZep — and blabbed with Hermine another guest who visited the show.  That’s the cool thing about the Blab format — we can do it Live and be able to interact with guests who join us!

We’re excited about the Blab format and what it could mean for us going forward. Our plan is to have many more blabs — including some threesomes and foursomes with Carl and Mike. Stay tuned for that!  In the meantime make sure to follow Carl and Mike on Blab at: http://blab.im/carlandmike

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