C&M 11: Southern Migrations


Immigration, Southern MigrationsImmigration, Southern Migrations and the New Obama.


EPISODE 11 Southern Migrations

[03:04]: Southern States: Carl and Mike discuss Mississippi becoming a Christian state, the difference between the South and Texas and why Louisiana is different.

[06:42]:  Southern Migration to Scandinavia: Carl and Mike talk about an episode from a Norway documentary series called The Nordens, that brings a Christian evangelist pastor to secular Norway to experience a new way of being.

[12:54]: World Peace: Carl has an Aha around the idea of how World Peace might actually come about. While Michael argues for us to celebrate the differences and shares the one rule that rules them all.

[26:03]: New Viagra babe, Bridges of Madison County, Iowa Pies and Pork Chops on a Stick: Mike drools over the new Viagra spokesperson, Carl reminisces on his Cialis tub moment and his great bike ride across Iowa.

[38:42]:  Immigration, Southern Migrations, and the New Obama Carl and Mike talk about the fallout from Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration, the character of immigrants who come here vs. the misconceptions and stereotypes. And what Obama can do to further make Republican heads spin.

 [56:22]: The Big Question, 5 Questions in 5 Minutes and Pinterest Carl and Mike talk about a new series they’re starting called the Big Question where they go deep on one question from their short 5 questions in 5 minutes segments. Plus they announce their new Pinterest site,



 Mississippi Groups Want to Declare Christianity the State Religion


Bible Thumper Travels to Scandinavia:  bit.ly/1xumh8g 

Meet the Sexy British Actress at Center of New Viagra Commercial:


RAGBRAI Bike Ride: http://ragbrai.com 

House GOP Chooses Nearly All Male Committee Chairs:


 Duluth Trading Company Website:



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