C&M42: Institutional Decay


Institutional DecayInstitutional Decay Show Notes and Links.

In Institutional Decay Carl and Mike discuss the dysfunction that is the FEC. The lost confidence in our Institutions from priests to cops, teachers to politicians. Plus Presidential update on what happens to the money after the campaign. And Mike experiences an off-the-grid moment.

[01:19]: Mike Off the Grid: Mike shares his experience of being forced off the grid.

 [03:41]: Presidential Update: Money and the Dysfunctional FEC: Update on what happens to the money left over from a campaign. Plus the dysfunction that is the FEC (Federal Election Commission).

[14:18]: Institutional Decay: Carl and Mike talk about the increasingly lost confidence in our institutions — from priests, to cops to teachers and coaches. And what institutions can do to regain our trust.

[21:25]: Media’s Role in Losing Our Trust: Carl and Mike discuss the media’s role in building or destroying trust in our institutions. And how every problem deserves a solution.



 Two FEC Officials Implore Agency to Curb 2016 Election Abuse:


FEC Chair Says Agency is “Worse than Dysfunctional” At Regulation Money in Politics


Confidence in US Institutions Still Below Historical Norms: http://www.gallup.com/poll/183593/confidence-institutions-below-historical-norms.aspx

Lack of Trust Caused by Institutional Corruption http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/05/trust.html



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