Top Ten Reasons to Give Carl and Mike an iTunes Review

10) Great way to release pent-up hostility you’ve been carrying since 3rd grade.

9) Remove the guilt over missing not one, but two Carl and Mike launch parties.
9b) Remove the shame from attending, not one, but two Carl and Mike launch parties.

8) Get to tell Carl and Mike what you really think!

7) Finally, someone will care what you think!

6) Opportunity to live vicariously thru their success.

5) Carl and Mike Podcast helping you lessen the amount of time online engaged in OCD behaviors that ultimately hurt your brain (i.e. Porn for Men, Pinterest for Women).

4) You owe one or both of them money.

3) Gets the bastards off your back.

2) Takes less time than actually listening to their podcast.

1) Because we asked.  2 thumbs up iTunes review


1) Go to
2) Click on view in iTunes
3) Click on Ratings and Reviews
4) Click on Write a Review
5) Write the Review
6) Click on Click to Rate – give it a star rating.
7) Click on Submit

Direct iTunes Review Link for Carl and Mike:

Direct iTunes Review Link for 5 Questions, 5 Minutes with Carl and Mike:

If you don’t have an iTunes account you can also give us a review on Stitcher, Soudcloud or Podbean – just search for Carl and Mike. We want to hear what you think – good or bad. Really.

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