5?:5Min54: Sleepovers Pt 2 & Keeping a Woman Happy

Sleepovers Pt.2 & Keeping a Woman Happy Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike take on 5 new questions about love, sex and relationships, including an attempt to outline the rules for keeping a woman happy. It’s another dive into the deep waters without a net. Tune in as Carl and Mike tackle these five questions…

1) Is it okay for my girlfriend to sleep with her male friend?

2) How do you deal with rejection from a friend after asking them out?

3) I see the most beautiful woman walking towards me. Should I tell her how beautiful she is?

4) I asked a boy out and he said he only dates “bad b*tches,” how do I become better at this?

5) What are the rules of keeping a woman happy?

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Sleepovers Pt 2 & Keeping a Woman Happy

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