C&M3some1: oh, Kids Today Pt 1


oh Kids Today Pt 1Carl and Mike 3-Some Ep 1: oh, Kids Today Pt 1: Perry Morris Beats to His Own Drum –Show Notes and Links.

[01:35]: Welcome to Carl and Mike’s 3some: We introduce our first guest on 3-Some – Mike’s son Perry Morris. Perry is a 28-year-old drummer and part-time Uber driver living in Los Angeles, CA.

[03:32]: All About Uber: Perry shares the ups and downs of being a Uber driver. We talk about the economics of going Uber instead of owning two cars. How women feel about Uber. The difference between taxi drivers and Uber drivers. How Uber might expand their business model and deal with future changes.

[16:58]: Kids Today, College Loans and Quilting a Life: Perry shares the struggles of living with the financial baggage of college loans, needing a co-signer for an apartment, and juggling jobs to follow his goal of being a full-time professional musician.

[25:50]: Cuba, Castro and Free Education: We discuss the idea of serving the country in exchange for free education.

[30:30]: Big Idea: Music Gym: Carl shares his “big idea” on using the gym business membership model, but for kids and music. Perry and Mike do their best to poke holes in the idea.

[41:55]: Boyhood Ambitions: Perry talks about his changing interests from sports, to army to music. Which leads into a discussion on the pros and cons of joining the military to launch a career.

[47:35]: Falling Through the Middle Class Cracks: Perry slips through the middle class cracks when it comes to getting government student loans.

[54:05]: Perry’s Vision and Big Idea #2: Perry shares his vision for the future and Carl tries to help him out by suggesting he start a podcast.

[01:04:40]: Big Idea #3 – Givers Gain: Carl shares Big Idea #3 – using Givers Gain to network and how it helped him back in his days of copywriting.


CARL AND MIKE 3-SOME w/Perry Morris Pt. 1 LINKS:

 Perry Morris: www.perry-morris.com

Perry Morris on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimmypdrums

I’d Hit That: Podcast for Drummers: http://idhitthatpodcast.podomatic.com

Uber: https://www.uber.com

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