C&M100: The Last Episode


Carl and Mike's Last EpisodeThe Last Episode Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

On Trump’s inauguration Day, Carl and Mike record their 100th episode and decide to end their podcast show. They conclude with a discussion on standing up to Trump, fighting Starbucks, and final thoughts about politics, sex, and religion and podcasting.


[00:30]: Fighting Starbucks

Carl and Mike return to their original coffeehouse – a local haunt called White Rock Coffee — only to find a Starbucks going up two buildings away.

[02:43]: The Last Episode

Carl and Mike decide to hang it up on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. Mike shares a conversation he had with some illegal workers and touts what immigrants bring to our country.

[05:58]: Standing Up to Trump the Bully

Carl and Mike talk about standing up to Trump. Obama’s final acts to slow or stop the damage.

[11:43] Hillbilly Elegy

A conversation on what Mike learned reading the book Hillbilly Elegy and how Trump’s rhetoric spoke to them.

[14:30]: The Last Episode Pt. 2

Life is stranger than fiction. Thoughts on podcasting, politics, sex and religion.



Even With Starbucks as its Incoming Neighbor, White Rock Coffee Expands:



Who Will Stand Up to Trump:



Hillbilly Elegy:



Carl and Mike’s First Episode: Welcome to Carl and Mike



Thank you for listening to Carl and Mike over these past couple of years. We appreciate you giving us a little of your precious time. Remember to listen to other viewpoints, but always think for yourself. Everyone has their own unique story, and nobody knows what’s better for you than you do.




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