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Lasts Gasps - Carl and MikeLast Gasps Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Lasts Gasps, Carl and Mike talk about the sorry state of Republican presidential politics, immigrants and the need for assimilation, the liberal Muslim divide, the last gasps of fundamentalism, and ending on a sad note. But they start the show with a Happy Ending.

[01:13]: Happy Ending Haircuts: Carl and Mike compare haircut costs. Use their Thought Leadership to come up with a great name and tagline for a barbershop. And try to make the case that wives should be more understanding when it comes to “stress relief”.

[06:21]: Depressing Politics: Carl and Mike discuss that latest sorry state of Republican presidential politics. And make some predictions on how the campaign will play out.

[09:50]: Embracing the Religious Radicals: Ted Cruz touts endorsement of activists who argues for killing abortion doctors. Ben Carson searches for a story of redemption.

[13:55]: Paris, Immigrants and Assimilation: Carl and Mike discuss the recent Paris attacks and the danger of non-cultural assimilation.

[21:08]: Dots Not Feathers: Carl and Mike talk about Indians from India versus Indians in the United States. Plus Carl shares his Indian heritage – Mike, not so much.

[23:19]: The Largest Failed State: Carl and Mike talk about the failed state of Belgium and how this might negatively effect the recent Syrian migration.

[25:31]: Last Gasps: Carl and Mike talk about the liberal divide around Muslims, the last gasps of the fundamentalism in the U.S. ISIS and a sad ending.


Last Gasps LINKS:

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