C&M87: Laugh or Scream: Trump’s Latest Antics


Laugh or Scream: Trump's Latest AnticsLaugh or Scream: Trump’s Latest Antics Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Laugh or Scream, Carl and Mike are aghast at Trump’s latest antics. And we’ve still got a long way to go. Carl outlines his nightmare how Trump can still win scenario. Mike worries about how Trump true believers will deal with him losing. Plus the Fox News scandal, trying to top Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus and a requiem for our failed Kickstarter Campaign. All that and more as we try to hang on to our sanity till the end of the most bizarre election in our lifetime!

[00:13]: Laugh or Scream: Trump’s Latest Antics. From dog whistling threats against Hillary to Obama as ISIS founder, Carl and Mike are beside themselves with Donald’s latest antics.

[06:52:] Nightmare Scenario. Carl lays out his nightmare “how Trump can win the nomination” scenario. And wonder about how the mechanics of the election would work if one of the nominees weren’t on the ticket come the election.

[12:32:] Trump’s True Believers. How will they deal with Trump’s loss? Why they hate Hillary.

[16:27:] Fox News Scandal. As the scandal around Fox News unravels its gets uglier and uglier. And the irony and karma of Trump taking down the GOP at the same time Fox News goes down.

[ 19:17:] Secret Service and Trump. How Donald’s antics has given us the bizarre scenario where the Secret Service have to warn the candidate to stop threatening the other candidate.

[23:12:] The Narrative is a Lie. How the narrative about Obama and now Hillary used by Republicans is a lie.

[24:53:] Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus. Carl and Mike try to come up with a bumper sticker worthy of Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus.

[27:11:] Requiem for our Kickstarter Campaign. Carl and Mike look at why their Kickstarter Trump Cards campaign failed. Bottom line focusing on Trump’s narcissism wasn’t minor compared to Trump’s sociopathic behavior.

[28:37:] Trump and the Debate: Carl and Mike strategize on how to deal with Trump in the debate and what he might actually do. Plus could Trump and Hillary both be out as candidates before the election!

[31:32:] Waiting for a Principled Leader. Mike yearns for a principled leader. And trying to hang on through the election season.


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