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Let There Be Light - Carl and MikeLet There Be Light Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Let There Be Light, Carl shares the wordsmithing of William Tyndale, who is credited with much of the translation that became the King James Bible. Plus infiltrating the Vatican using Mexican tunnels. Then the fallout from the CNBC Republican debate, the enigma that is Ben Carson, and trying to shed light the great philosophical divide around private sector vs public sector. Leave your enlightenment at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:44]: Holiday Decorations: Carl and Mike talk about the Holidays, from decorating homes to the holiday creep moving from Thanksgiving to Halloween, to their favorite Holiday.

[04:36]: The Great Tyndale and the King James Bible: Carl and Mike talk about the earliest version of the King James Bible and the great copywriter behind it.

[07:05]: Luck Comes to Visit: Mike talk about luck and how good fortune has impacted his lives.

[10:24]: Let There Be Light: Carl shares some of the greatest phrases ever written by the unknown William Tyndale and how his turn of the phrases impacted society.

[12:21]: Infiltrating the Vatican. Mexican Tunnels and Systemic Corruption: Mike longs for a Snowden type to infiltrate the Vatican basements. Carl talks about the fate of whistleblowers. Mike talks about getting Mexicans to build tunnels to the Vatican which leads to Mike telling a story about his experience with Mexican corruption.

[ 19:28]: Republican Debate Highlights: Carl and Mike talk about the highlights and the fallout from the CNBC Republican debate, including guessing who’s the next to drop out or be dropped out, the Politician brain, Trumpian putdowns and other lowlights.

[30:39]: The Philosophical Divide – Private Sector vs Public Sector: Carl and Mike discuss the GOP ideology that private sector is always better. Plus the effects of unfettered capitalism, the role of regulation, government of 50% of the people. And taking lack of government to its extreme.

[43:30]: The Enigma of Ben Carson: Carl and Mike try to unravel the thinking behind Ben Carson.

[48:38]: Gun Insanity Follow Up: Carl and Mike talk about the craziness around guns including the blowback on Twitter to our episode on Gun Insanity.

[ 53:05]:  I Don’t Get It – Ideology Wins: Carl argues that when ideology wins the country loses.


Let There Be Light LINKS: 

William Tyndale Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Tyndale

Secrecy Surrounding Vatican Art Treasures: http://www.newsmax.com/PatriciaPierce/Vatican-Hitler-Fine-Art/2015/10/20/id/697206/ 

Public vs Private Sector: http://keydifferences.com/difference-between-public-sector-and-private-sector.html

Ben Carson, Gifted Fabulist: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ben-carson-gifted-fabulist/2015/11/09/7a92c3d6-8712-11e5-be39-0034bb576eee_story.html

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