Lizard Brain Politics – Carl and Mike Ep68


Lizard Brain PoliticsLizard Brain Politics Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Lizard Brain Politics Carl and Mike grapple with which direction America is headed in its politics. Plus the Lizard Brain that is Trump, the rise of the Republican Frankenstein and what happens to the Republican brand the morning after. But to start it off, who would want to kill an animal? Leave your moral compass at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[01:09]: Big Game, Small Mind Animal Hunters: Carl and Mike try to wrap their heads around the mindset of wanting to kill animals for sport.

[05:42]: Planned Parenthood Shooting: Carl and Mike discuss the recent Planned Parenthood shooting and discuss the attitude around abortion.

[08:16]: Lizard vs. Soul: Mike confesses and succumbs to his Trumpian lizard thoughts. Carl grapples with turning the other cheek. Both dive deep into lizard brain politics.

[12:56]: The Lizard Brain that is Trump: Carl and Mike dissect the psyche of Trump, and make the argument FOR Trump as President.

[16:42]: Lizard Brain Politics: Carl and Mike discuss the Presidential Campaign, guess on which Republican is next to go. Plus Bill Clinton waits in the wing and Carl and Mike imagine a Trump vs. Hillary general election matchup.

[20:20]: The Republican Frankenstein: Carl and Mike talk about the angry Republican electorate created by years of building up fear. Could it lead to a Civil War? Plus is Trumps rhetoric giving cover for groups like the KKK?

[26:26]: Red Down Ticket Blues: Carl and Mike discuss how the rise of Trump and Cruz and their lizard brain politics can lead to a Republican defeat across the country and deep ticket losses on a State and local level. Plus the effects of Trump going 3rd party.

[30:06]: The Hoodoo Republican Brand: Rubio vs. Cruz, which Republican is least distasteful, where do the Republicans and the Republican brand go from here after the Frankenstein monster they created dies?



The Lesson of Cecil: Big Game Trophy Hunting Should Be Outlawed:

Trump Rival Appeals for End to Lizard Brain Politics

Trumpenstein is GOP’s Bitter Reward:

Fox News Hate Has Come Back to Bite Them:

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