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In Make Me Great Again, Carl and Mike share their thoughts following the GOP convention. Conversations include the implications of a Trump win; the coming after the election funk in store for half the country. Hillary as a caricature and Trump as a sociopath. The power of campaign slogans and why everything with the Donald is white. It’s post-GOP convention analysis as only Carl and Mike can deliver. Learn your false impressions at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[01:01:] Post GOP Convention Thoughts

Carl and Mike share thoughts about the GOP convention. The great purge begins if the GOP gets your vote. Plus, GOP as the mafia, green lighting racism and Trump as “our voice”.

[07:15:] Implications of a Trump Win

Carl and Mike discuss some of the implications of a Trump victory. And how it could happen. Plus let’s look at how he gets the jobs back and the implications of that.

[10:35:] Election Aftermath:

Mike shares his concern about the aftermath of the election and how a large section of the population is going to go into a deep funk.

[13:42:] Caricatures vs. Reality

Hillary as a caricature, trump as a sociopath.

[16:36:] Make Me Great Again

How the campaign slogans reveal the reality.

[19:43:] Another Senseless Police Shooting

Carl and Mike discuss another police shooting where a black man had his hands raised up in the air and still got shot.

[21:57:] Everything is White        

Mike notices that the Trumps are big on white. And its all show biz and all about the Donald.

[23:43:] The Danger of a Close Election

Carl and Mike discuss how for the good of the country this can’t be a close election. Mike predicts a Trump win, while Carl thinks Mike is buying high on Trump.

[ 31:17:] WRAP UP: Trump as the Diddling Priest and Final Thoughts




The Republican Convention as Reality TV. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/07/21/republican-convention-reality-tv-trump/87377826/

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