C&M49: Meep Meep Mutha!


Meep Meep Mutha Ep 49Meep, Meep Mutha Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Meep, Meep Mutha!, Carl and Mike admire Obama’s deft “roadrunner” moves to transform his lame duck status and keep  Republicans a step behind. Plus they share their own difficulties in exploring a run for President, marvel at the Donald’s latest antics, and mourn the loss of a pet.

[01:11]: Losing a Pet: Carl and Mike share their experience of losing a pet.

[06:35]:  Running for President is Hard: Carl and Mike note that when running for President you have to come up positions on a wide assortment of issues and that’s hard work! They update their latest efforts including buying a domain name called damnthatmakessense.com to place their Belief Manifesto and their Platform for America. Plus Carl and Mike outline how you can support them in taking this exploration into an official campaign.

[15:12]: Presidential Campaign Update: Trump trumps all: Carl and Mike discuss Trump’s deft use of media. And look forward to must-see TV – the first Republican debates. Plus Republican conspiracies and theories on Donald’s appeal.

[23:37]Meep, Meep Mutha!: Carl and Mike discuss Obama Roadrunner moves on issues from Cuba to Iran to prison reform as he transforms his lame duck status. Plus how Obama’s meep meep makes Republicans look like the Coyote in their failure to keep up let alone stop him. Plus Carl and Mike as Obama’s third term?

[30:34]: What a Dick AwardAndrew Duncomb, a black man who launched the campaign to greet Obama in Oklahoma with Confederate flags wins this past week’s What a Dick Award.



Carl and Mike’s Platform for America: http://damnthatmakessense.com

 Carl and Mike Support Page: http://isupportcarlandmike.net 

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Carl and Mike:


5?:5Min: Presidential Announcement Edition:


 5?:5Min: Presidential Vetting Edition: http://carlandmike.net/presidential-vetting-questions-5q5m25/

 5?:5Min: Foreign Policy Edition: http://carlandmike.net/foreign-policy-edition-5q5m26/

Barack Obama’s Lame-Duck Period Could Be One of the Least Lame Ever:


No Lame Duck in this Oval Office:


Oklahoma Black Man Leads Presidential Protest by Waving Confederate Flag: http://kfor.com/2015/07/15/we-dont-believe-its-a-symbol-of-racism-confederate-flags-fly-downtown-as-president-drives-in/

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