C&M 8: Midterm Blues


Midterm Election BluesPolitics at the Midterm Elections.

[03:10]: Midterm Hopes & Blues

Carl and Mike discuss the midterm elections. Mike hopes Republicans win and lets loose the crazies for 2016, while Carl laments gerrymandering.

[13:47]:  Latest Crazy from the Right

Carl shares the latest crazy conspiracy from the Far Right this time about Michelle Obama. Mike admires how the Republicans have better copywriters.

[22:47]: Another Bush/Clinton Matchup

Carl and Mike lament the back to the future potential Bush/Clinton Matchup. And both share their personal brush with famous politicians.

[28:56]: Political Discrimination & Circling the Tribal Wagons

Mike shares NYT columnists David Brooks article on Political Discrimination. And Carl and Mike discuss how it got to this point and the differences in attitudes and education between the two parties.

[40:43]: The Politics of Fear, Ignorance, Race and Income Inequality

Carl and Mike discuss the politics of fear, ignorance and race. And when they turn to income inequality, Mike suggests putting a guillotine in Highland Park – home to Dallas’s Top 1%.

[1:03:14]: Tim Cook – Courage in Leadership

Carl and Mike acknowledge the courage and Leadership displayed by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple for publicly coming out as gay.



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