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The twists and turns of the presidential campaign and the latest crazy week in politics has left Carl and Mike fighting political fatigue. Nevertheless they carry on with discussions about the Supreme Court, the crumbling establishment and Trump as America’s Putin. Plus, is America waking up or dumbing down this election cycle? Leave your highfalutin intellect at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[01:27]: Crazy Week in Politics

With the passing of a Supreme Court Justice and Trump getting into it with the Pope it was a crazy week in politics. Plus, Jebra is on his way and Rubio as a bag of feathers.

[04:57]: Blowing Up The Establishment

Carl and Mike look at how this election is all about rejecting the establishment. And they try to define what the establishment is?

[07:06]: The Next Supreme Court Justice

The late Just Scalia weighs in on who the next Supreme Court should be.

Plus Sen. McConnell politicizes the nomination process.

[10:59]: America – Waking Up or Dumbing Down?

Carl and Mike discuss whether people are waking up in this election to the establishment games. Or is it the result of the dumbing down of America.

[15:32]: The Media and the Political Horserace.

How the media manipulates the Presidential process to keep it a horserace so the ratings stay strong.

[18:25]: Trump as Putin

Is Trump America’s first strongman? Plus Mike claims to be leaning towards Trump over Hillary because of electile fatigue. Carl wants a Democratic sweep to clean up congress.

[23:46]: Why Trump Could be President

Carl and Mike discuss how and why Trump could be President. Plus more on Hillary, Rubio and the devious Ted Cruz.

[29:48]: Political Fatigue

Mike admits to political fatigue due to this crazy year in politics.



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