5?:5Min24: Presidential Questions Edition


Welcome to a special Presidential Questions Edition of 5?:5Min with Carl and Mike.

Yep we’ve decided to explore running for President. Huh? Yes… of the United States. Look somebody who is NOT crazy, lusting for power, or in the pocket of corporations and sugar daddy/sugar babe billionaires has got to do it. So why not us?

In this episode we answer five, of what we think would be the most commonly asked questions you would ask us about our exploratory adventure. And we try to answer them in just five minutes.

1) Why do you want to be President? 

2) Only one of you can be President, how will you decide?

3) Are you serious about running or are their ulterior motives?

4) What makes you qualified to be President?

5) Why do you think you have any chance of winning?

Got  Presidential questions for Carl and Mike? All questions are fair game – even not presidential questions. Email us your question(s) at: questions [at] carlandmike [dot] net

We’ll be posting additional episodes shortly outlining some of our ideas and Vision for America. In the meantime we invite you to do the following.

1. Learn about our beliefs and Vision for America by reading our Belief Manifesto at: http://damnthatmakessense.com

2. If you like what you see, Support Us at: http://isupportcarlandmike.net (unlike other “competitors” everyone who supports us gets some kind of reward).

3. Join in the Conversation on social media (we’re everywhere via carlandmike) or email us at: conversations [at] carlandmike [dot] net

4. Help take back the responsibility we have handed over. We need you to tweet, like, share, post, and get the word out about Carl and Mike to turn this from an “exploration” into a full-fledged campaign and movement!

5. Cut your political teeth as a volunteer/staffer with Carl and Mike. Visit our Contact Us Page and tell us what you’d like to do.


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