C&M95: Sex Robots Are Coming


Sex RobotsSex Robots Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Taking a break from politics, in Sex Robots, Carl and Mike have a deep dive discussion on the coming wave of sex robots and all the possibilities. It’s a circle jerk of thought leadership. Leave your cranky horniness at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:43]: Sex Robots are Coming!

What kind do you want?  Would you buy a Samsung robot? Mormon robots? What about robots from different countries? We ask the big questions!

[02:39]: How Technology Can Improve Sex?

From nipple biting programs to kinky apps, Carl and Mike talk about potential technology, features, and apps that might be available.

[04:25]: SexRobots 1.0 vs. 2.0

Carl and Mike talk about waiting for upgrades and would you buy a used sex robot? Plus removable va-jay-jays and other interchangeable parts. It’s a circle jerk of thought leadership and business opportunities.

 [08:17]: Robot of the Month Club

From different skins and costumes to full-size Barbie dolls. Carl and Mike discuss the various opportunities for marketing the robots.

[11:26]: Sex Addictions, Orgies, and Wife Reactions

Carl and Mike ponder a plethora of possibilities that these robots could release from sex addictions and orgies and how would wives react?

[13:49]: Turning Knobs

Carl and Mike discuss the dangers of sex robots with knobs and unusual options. Plus social media opportunities and the potential gaming aspects.

[17:30]: Sex Robots for the 1%

How robots for the 1% will offer a better experience and how will you adapt once you’ve tried the very best? Plus could sex get boring?

[20:55]: Dirty Old Men

Carl and Mike wonder about the backlash from this episode. Are we dirty old men and thought leaders? Plus getting on the waiting list now.


Experts Say AI-drive Sex Robots Will Blow You … Away: http://thenextweb.com/artificial-intelligence/2016/11/15/expert-says-ai-driven-sex-robots-will-blow-away/


I Went to a Chinese Robot Shop to Witness the Coming of Sex Dolls:



SexRobots Will Be Mind Blowing in Bed: Cyborg Developer Reveals All: 



Sex Robots with Realistic Genitalia to Hit the Market NEXT YEAR: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2083660/sex-robots-with-terrifyingly-realistic-genitalia-to-hit-the-market-next-year-and-cost-12000/


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