C&M75: Sex, Shame and Property

Sex, Shame and PropertySex, Shame and Property Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links:

In Sex, Shame and Property, Carl and Mike discuss the recent attempt by the city of Dallas to stop a porn convention. Which leads to a conversation exploring why and when sex became shameful. Plus does sex belong to the power of the feminine. Leave your cranky horniness at the door it’s time for Carl and Mike?

[01:37]: Dallas vs. Exxotica: Carl and Mike discuss a recent decision by the Dallas City Council to not allow Exxxotica to use the city’s Convention Center for their porn convention. Then Carl and Mike fantasize about doing a live show at Exxxotica.

[10:05]: Sex as the Power of the Feminine: Carl theorizes that suppressing sex is about suppressing the feminine. Carl and Mike discuss the acceptance of violence vs. the acceptance of sex. Plus why is sex and pleasure considered sinful by religions?

[13:07]: Sex, Shame and Property: Carl and Mike theorize that perhaps shame around sex came because of women being thought of as property? Plus Religion’s need to control sex.

[21:35]: Sex and the Need to Control: Carl and Mike talk about the double standards around men and women in sex and the need to control sex. Plus the ten best sex toys.



Exxxotica sues Dallas, claiming ban from convention center is unconstitutional


Exxotica Sex Convention Finally Sues Dallas, And a Possible Class Action Suit is Possible


12 Sex Toys You Shouldn’t Be Without



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