C&M73: Shitstorm’s a Comin’


Shitstorm's a Coming Carl and MikeShitstorm a Comin’ Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links

It’s all politics in Shitstorm a Coming, as Carl and Mike talk about the battle being waged between anti-establishment candidates on the powers that be. Plus Carl gets some surprising revelations from talking to his Republican relatives in Minnesota. And pays a visit to Hell’s Kitchen. Meanwhile, Mike makes a bet with a Cruz supporter. Then Carl and Mike defend Bernie’s plans for free college education and healthcare. It ends with why Mike is done with Hillary. Leave your playing by the rules at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike

[02:56]: Minnesota Living: Carl shares his experience from a recent trip to Minnesota including a visit to Hell’s Kitchen.

[06:54]: Talking with Republican Relatives: Carl has a political conversation with his Republican relatives and learns some surprising revelations about their views.

[12:17]: Dismantling the System: Conversation on Ted Cruz, plus how Trump and Sanders both represent the system being dismantled. And Mike makes a bet.

[15:50]: Shitstorm a Comin’: If an anti-establishment candidate becomes President and comes up against the establishment ensconced in gerrymandering districts… well then a shitstorm is a coming. Carl and Mike imagine what might happen if Trump or Sanders become President.

[23:31]: Defending Bernie: Carl and Mike defend Bernie’s platform against the charge of socialism. Look at the costs of free healthcare and a free education and make the case for why it’s important that it’s free. Plus talk about Michael Moore’s new film and Bernie’s new ad.

[31:31]: Sausage Being Made: Carl and Mike talk about the next episode and go back and forth on whether this part of the show should be included. And then Mike goes off on Hillary.



 Fall of the House of Bush:


Don’t Underestimate Today’s Anti-Establishment Movement:


As Candidates Vie for the Anti-Establishment Label, Real Establishment Lives On; http://billmoyers.com/story/as-candidates-vie-for-the-anti-establishment-label-real-establishment-lives-on/

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