C&M82: Slippery Slope and the NRA


Slippery Slope and the NRA - Carl and MikeSlippery Slope and the NRA Mighty Fine Show Notes.

In Slippery Slope and the NRA Carl and Mike get all up in arms about the current gun laws and the mindset behind their defense. Plus look at how the NRA’s “don’t-give-an-inch approach could backfire on them. But before opening that can of worms, Carl and Mike talk about their recent weight loss, food labeling, and clinical studies. Leave your false impressions at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:58: ]Carl and Mike Talk Weight Loss

Carl and Mike talk about their recent weight loss and the change in diet and lifestyle and mindset that lead to it. And as an added bonus they both notice less farting.

[07:32:] Sugar and Product Labeling and Company Studies

Being on a healthier diet Carl and Mike talk about the evils of sugar, product labeling and argue about the authenticity of clinical studies.

[12:13:] Pros and Cons of Technology

Carl and Mike debate the pros and cons of technology.

[14:07:] Founding Fathers and Modern Guns

Carl and Mike talk about gun control and the insane place we find ourselves with guns in America.

[17:26:] Orlando Shooter, Not a Terrorist

Carl explains that the Orlando shooter had an issue with gays and being a closeted gay. NOTE – since this recording the FBI is claiming there was no evidence of Orlando Shooter being gay. See link to article in Links below.

[18:42:] Gun Laws Need to Be Changed Because…

Carl and Mike talk about the issues around gun violence that are not even being addressed. Then talk about the insane belief about needing the guns to protect themselves from the government.

[23:39:] Slippery Slope And the NRA

Carl and Mike talk about the NRA don’t give an inch approach and their slippery slope argument. And then flip the argument on them. Plus using words to define the debate.



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FBI: No Evidence that Orlando Shooter Was Gay: http://www.snopes.com/2016/06/25/fbi-no-evidence-that-orlando-shooter-was-gay/

The Civil War That Could Doom the NRA: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/06/the-civil-war-that-could-doom-the-nra

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