Stopping Extremism? C&M69


Stopping Extremism - Carl and MikeStopping Extremism Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Does stopping extremism call for extreme measures? Carl and Mike argue about the idea of shutting down the Internet to shut down ISIS. Plus theories on what’s motivating Trump to make his outlandish statement. And the utter impracticality of stopping all Muslims from getting in or getting illegal immigrants out. It’s one of our more contentious episodes. Leave your limiting beliefs at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[00:18]: Big Lizard vs. Soul Revisit: Mike has some realizations from our previous conversation in episode 68 about the Lizard Brain vs. Soul. Carl a little disappointed in the overall U.S, response to the Paris bombings.

[03:45]: Free Speech Debate: Carl and Mike argue about the limits of Free Speech. Mike arguing to take down the Internet to stop ISIS. Carl argues that giving up the Internet is going in the wrong direction.

[19:08]:  The Nature of Tribes: Carl and Mike discuss the nature of Tribes. How the Internet coalesces around Tribe.

[20:59]: Theories on the Trump Psyche: Carl offers theories as to why Trump continues to toss out inflammatory comments. Does he really want to be President?

[25:55]: All Muslims Out: Carl and Mike discuss the improbability of being able to stop Muslims from coming in and getting illegal immigrants out.

[28:07]:  Shining the Light: Carl and Mike talk about how technology is shining a light on things that were always there but left “unseen”.

[ 30:39]: Though Shall Not Kill: Carl tires of religion especially around the killing that seems to go hand in hand with it.



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