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Supreme Court IntelligenceSupreme Court Intelligence Show Notes and Links.

In Supreme Court Intelligence, Carl and Mike talk about recent Supreme Court rulings, and look at how the polarization in the country is manifested even in the Supreme Court.

Plus they scratch their head over two stories surrounding ISIS.

Mike also reports on how foreign money infiltrates our political campaigns. And they have a meandering conversation on Seinfeld. Games of Thrones, 25-year olds and what it would take to elect an independent Presidential candidate.

[02:22]: Supreme Court Intelligence?: Carl and Mike talk about the recent Supreme Court Intelligence on decisions on gay marriage and EPA regulations.

[09:16]: Ideology – Intelligence = Polarization: Carl and Mike talk about how ideology can trump one’s intelligence, leading to polarization.

[12:33]: Coalescing the Middle: Carl and Mike try to determine where the middle is and how many people are in it? Plus what it would take for an Independent to become President.

[15:10]:  A Meandering Conversation: Carl and Mike have a meandering conversation covering Jerry Seinfeld, Games of Thrones, 25 year olds, and Robocalls.

[19:13]: Huh? What?!: CNN mistakes a ISIS flag made out of butt plugs as a real ISIS flag. And A Wal-Mart Bakery turns down a request to make a confederate flag cake but then goes on to make an ISIS flag cake. Carl finds fault with the person requesting the cakes and not the cake maker and gives them a Double What a Dick award.

[25:15] Campaign Update: Mike outlines how foreign money pours into our political campaigns from various channels. And there’s no way to stop it.

[35:46]: Supreme Court Intelligence Part 2: The Gay Marriage Ruling: Carl shares a recent Facebook conversation he had with a friend who doesn’t support gay marriage. And outlines the arguments being made against it. Mike argues that people who totally believe in the Bible “hit a faith wall” and can’t accept that anything in it can be wrong.

[41:55]: This Week’s What a Dick Award and Final Thoughts: Mike gives his What a Dick award to all Christian Pastors yelling that Christians under attack.



Most Americans Approve of Last Week’s Supreme Court Decisions:


On Climate Change, Ideological and Partisan Polarization Hardens:


HBO’s Game of Thrones: http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones

CNN’s Most Embarrassing Flub Ever? The ISIS Dildo Gay Pride Flag Explained.


 Wal-Mart Bakes Islamic State Cake Because Employee Didn’t Know the Flag or its meaning.


Can Foreign Companies Make Political Donations:


The Chamber and Foreign Contributions:


Foreign Money Campaign Finance Lobbying:


Some Advice on Same-Sex Marriage for US Church Leaders From a Canadian: (Link mentioned by Carl on the Show)


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