Tallywackers Episode 10 5?:5Min

5?:5Min10: Misspelled Words, Killing Sprees, and Tallywackers


5?:5Min10 Misspelled Words, Killing Sprees and Tallywackers Show Notes and Links:

In this episode questions run from the absurd to the irritating to the whacked —as in tallywackers! Listen in as Carl and Mike answer these five questions.

1) If a word was misspelled in the dictionary how would you know?
2) You’re on a psychotic killing spree, what music is playing in the background?
3) If you were a dog, what breed of dog would you be?
4) What irritates you about other people and how do you deal with it?
5) Tallywackers, a male version of Hooters, opened in Texas, will it attract more men or women?
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I went to Tallywackers the New Hooters for Women:
Going Deep Inside the Shameless All-Dongs Ecosystem That is Tallywackers: http://dallas.eater.com/2015/6/4/8729767/tallywackers-oak-lawn-experience

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