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The Briefcase of ShameThe Briefcase of Shame Show Notes and Links.

In Briefcase of Shame, Carl and Mike share their disdain about a new CBS-TV reality show called The Briefcase – a modern day Hunger Games pitting people who have fallen on hard times. Plus Mike checks out Mad Max and swoons over Charlize Theron. And more insight into the dark money of politics.

[01:01]: Mad Max: Mike talks his wife into going to Mad Max and marvels at Charlize Theron.

[03:15]: Presidential Update: Follow the Dark Money: Mike explains how money is filtered anonymously through non-profit 501Cs. Then the 501C gives money to the Super Pacs. Plus the official definition of dark money and the need for campaign finance reform.

[11:24]: The Briefcase: Carl and Mike discuss a new CBS-TV reality show called The Briefcase – a modern day Hunger Games type show — where people who have fallen on hard times have to decide whether to keep a briefcase full of  money or share it with another family who has fallen under hard times.

[18:12]: The Briefcase by the Numbers: Carl and Mike unpack the profits made by each commercial on the show. Plus how many briefcases could Les Moonvees, CEO of CBS, hand out for one year’s salary? (See answer below in the links section).

[ 22:13]: Turn the Light on For Change: Carl and Mike talk about the difficulty of getting through the information clutter to create change. And try to strategize on the best way to build crowds and make changes.



Why The Briefcase is the Worst Reality TV Show Ever:


The Briefcase: When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called “Entertainment”. http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/the-briefcase-when-watching-poor-people-struggle-is-called-entertainment/

The Briefcase Creator Fires Back at Critics:


100 Highest Paid CEO’s:The Briefcase of Shame - Les Moonvees


NOTE: CBS-TV CEO Les Moonvees Salary 2014: $57,200,000. Just one year’s salary for Les Moonvees could hand out 566 briefcases – each filled with $101,000.00

Les Moonvees, Carrying Only $100 Bills, Opts Not to Tip Valet. 



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