C&M80: A Trump Coup?


Trump Coup or Who's Couping WhoA Trump Coup or Who’s “Couping” Who? Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In A Trump Coup or Who’s “Couping” Who? Carl and Mike share theories and disdain about Trump including whether he’ll even stay in the race to the bitter end. On another front, the GOP Cower while the Democratic women stand strong. It’s a deep dive into the shallow waters of politics as we enter the general election!

Finally we close with commentary about Ask a Porn Star, the rise of the couch potato, Scotland’s independence and politics as a sporting event. Bring your wild conspiracies to our door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[01:52]: Trump Under the Microscope

Carl and Mike swap theories, ideas,and disdain about Trump, including the possibility he walks away from the nomination. Furthermore, there’s his mental disorders, bigotry, Trump U and not paying workers.

[8:03]: Feckless Pussies & Strong Women

While Trump has gotten the Republicans to cower, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren are showing how to handle Donald.

[14:13]: Playing politics in 2016

Carl and Mike theorize on the subconscious misplaced anger of the Trump voter and the GOP base in general. Plus zombie voters and the Democrats make their move.

[20:02]: Ask a Porn Star, Dwarf Comedians, and Actors in Porn

Carl and Mike talk porn from a popular Ask a Porn Star feature, famous people who got their starts in porn and the effects of amateur porn on the industry.

[24:45]: Couch Potatoes to You Tube Stars: Carl and Mike talk about how the Internet has turned people from couch potatoes to active participants in creating content.

[28:04]: Scotland’s Independence: Our loyal listener Fraser sends us into brief foray about Scottish independence and how it mirrors what’s happening in U.S. politics.

[31:00]: Who’s “Couping” Who?: Carl and Mike wonder if Trump leaves the race, who’s “couping” who?

[33:20]: Politics as a Sporting Event: Carl and Mike lament that politics is now a sporting event instead of a best practices model.



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