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Unwritten Rules of Polite Society with Carl and MikeUnwritten Rules of Polite Society Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike discuss the unwritten rules of polite society when it comes to talking about sex, politics and religion. With a dive into the shame around talking frankly about sex. The dance we do around politics. The weariness about someone sharing their religious views. It’s a reluctant, frustrating and revealing conversation about the conversations we’re not having.

[01:04:]  Unwritten Rules of Polite Society – Sex: Carl and Mike talk about not talking about sex. Mike proposes doing a show on sexual norms worldwide. Plus Carl puts forward what a sexual conversation would look like in an unsuppressed world.

[07:09:] Non-Personal Sex and the Pond of Shame: Carl and Mike continue exploring how we talking about sex — this time from a distance. Plus, a deeper dive into the pond of shame around sex.

[14:39:] Unwritten Rules of Polite Society – Religion: Carl challenges Mike on his reluctance to have a conversation about religion with someone who is more conservative.

[15:59:] Unwritten Rules of Polite Society – Politics: Carl and Mike talk about the dance one does to approach the subject of politics with strangers. And how much easier it is to talk politics as opposed to sex or religion.

[18:31:]  Unwritten Rules of Polite Society: Carl and Mike imagine if conversations about sex and religion were like conversations around weather. And our attraction to those who slightly step out of bounds of polite society.


Unwritten Rules of Polite Society 2 with Carl and MikeUNWRITTEN RULES OF POLITE SOCIETY LINKS:

Dan Savage – Savage Love: http://www.thestranger.com/blogs/slog/authors/259/dan-savage

Dr.Ruth: http://www.drruth.com


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