C&M 12: VR (Virtual Reality) – The New Drug


Virtual Reality - The New DrugMovies, TV and Virtual Reality, Ferguson and Race Relations.

Episode 12: Show Notes and Links

[01:27]:  Favorite Movies: Carl and Mike discuss some of their favorite movies, movies they watch more than once and movies that should never be remade.

[12:53]:   Movies, VR and TV: Can movies survive Virtual Reality? Is Virtual Reality the New Drug? How the Internet, the iPad and DVR’s are changing our television watching habits.

[22:51]: Cable TV, Apple, Stupid Tax and the Cloud: Carl talks about positioning himself to cut the cable cord and the potential cost savings. Mike laments the costs of all the Apple products he needs and prays for protection from what he wants. Michael

[31:39]: Ferguson From the Left and Right: Carl and Mike discuss the events in Ferguson and the reasons behind it.

[40:11]:  Talking to Family About Race: Michael talks about how black fathers have to have “the talk’ with their children about dealing with the police. And how he had to have “a talk” with his family about how they talked about race in front of his children.

[45:03]: More on Ferguson: Carl and Mike discuss other elements from Ferguson including the media, the testimony from the other eye-witness, how the prosecutor handled it, and the difference in justice between black and white.

 [49:58]: Benghazi, Climate Change and Personal Responsibility: Carl and Mike talk about the recent Benghazi final report. Plus climate change and what we can do to make a difference.



 Tripping in the Rift. Is Virtual Reality the Next Drug?



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Brain’s reaction to virtual reality should prompt further study.



Officer Darren Wilson’s story is unbelievable. Literally.



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