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Wally World with Carl and MikeWally World Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Wally Williams is Founding Partner and Creative Director of Tequila Mockingbird a full-service music and radio production house. Tequila does original music and sound design for advertising, film, websites, apps and more. They also created the theme music for Carl and Mike.

Wally is also an award-winning advertising creative director, a decent squash player and just an all-around great guy.

[01:11:]  Outlaw Country: Wally contemplates going on an Outlaw Country cruise.

[03:53:]  Intro to Wally World: Carl and Mike share how they know Wally. Wally shares how Mike inspired him to be an entrepreneur. And why he hired Carl. Carl shares what he learned from working with Wally.

[09:30:] Squash vs. Racquetball: Wally shares the difference between squash and racquetball and how he learned to play squash.

[11:30:] Wally and the Vietnam Draft: Wally shares the story of his attempt to avoid the Vietnam draft.

[16:35:] Wally Talks Politics: Wally shares his admiration for Ron Paul and how one President can cause a lot of damage. Carl wonders how our debt is ever really going to be collected? Plus Wally shares why he despises Nixon.

[24:21:] Wally’s Almost Visit to a Satanist Church: Carl shares his tour of religion and Wally shares his experience of almost going to a Satan worship event as a kid. Carl, Mike and Wally talk about the nature of Evil and what makes a politician evil?

[31:18:] The Republican Clown Bus: Carl, Mike and Wally discuss which Republican politician will provide the most entertainment.

[34:24:] Beginning of the 21st Century: Carl, Mike and Wally talk the recent Supreme Court rulings and how the week when Obamacare, the Supreme Court Ruling the Confederate Flag and Obama’s Cuba decision marks the beginning of the 21st Century.

[40:24:] Reality TV?: Iraq and the Game of Thrones, Sara Palin and American Horror Story.

[42:16:] Wally on Advertising: Carl, Mike and Wally discuss the current state of advertising. Is advertising dying? How is the changing media landscape affecting ad watching.

[52:21:] Tequila Mockingbird and Too Much Tequila: Carl and Mike give a shout out to Tequila Mockingbird and Wally who created the Carl and Mike theme song. Plus Carl’s last time getting sick drinking tequila with Wally.


Wally World LINKS:

Tequila Mockingbird: http://tequilamockingbird.com

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