C&M72: The Wealthy 62 = 3.6 Billion People


The Wealthy 62 = 3.6 BillionThe Wealthy 62 = 3.6 Billion Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links

In The Wealthy 62 = 3.6 Billion People, Carl and Mike discuss the implications of having less than 100 wealthy people control the majority of the world’s wealth. And how do people get back control? Plus more on Trump and the Republican Establishment. But first, losing our vowels. Leave your lack of awareness at the door. It’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:28]: Goodbye Vowels: As domain names get harder to find, the trend now is to lose the vowels. Plus Carl and Mike share some of their domain names.

[04:08]: More On Trump: Carl and Mike speculate on how Trump will get the Mexicans to pay for his wall. The Trump presidency as a reality show. And Trump as a change agent.

[10:50]: The Republican Establishment: Mike marvels over how lobbyists have become an integral part of the republican establishment.

[13:36]:  The Wealthy: 62 = 3.6 Billion People: Carl and Mike discuss the implications of having a handful of wealthy people controlling the majority of the world’s wealth.

[21:09]: Their Coming to Get Your Money: Carl and Mike discuss the fear of taxes and how the rich have diverted that tax money to their companies. Plus how did it get to this point of inequality.

[23:38]: US First World Infrastructure?: How the U.S. infrastructure is deteriorating due to lack of taxes. And the move to privatizing roads and other infrastructure.

[ 28:05]: How Do the People Get Back Control?: Carl and Mike wonder how to fix the inequality problem? How the deck is stacked. Plus Carl and Mike issue a warning to the 1%.



 Wealthy 61 = 3.6 Billion People Carl and MikeWealth of 62 = 36 Billion People:



The Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest Americans:



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